Saint Louis
by Bryan Burke
It takes more than a great portfolio to get a client. Do you understand their business and their audiences? Once you’ve got them how do you keep them? Join our panelists who have faced these issues and succeeded. They’ll answer your questions and give you tips on how you can succeed as well.
Events, Featured, Local, News & Updates · June 23, 2017
by Eric Thoelk
The best designers are the people who are never bored — the world is too interesting, too full of things to try, to explore.
Featured, Local, News & Updates · April 11, 2017
by Lilly Huxhold
STL Print Week continues with a panel discussion held at Central Print on what’s happening in the world of type and letterforms.
Design, Education, Events, Local, News & Updates · June 24, 2016
by AIGA Saint Louis
AIGA Saint Louis invites you to participate in open nominations for the Executive Board and 2016 Chapter Awards – Fellow Award, Corporate Design Leadership Award and the Above and Beyond Awards.
by Mike Spakowski
Education, Local · January 22, 2016
by AIGA Saint Louis
AIGA Saint Louis nomination committee selected thirteen nominees for AIGA Saint Louis’ 2014 executive board based on nominations from AIGA Saint Louis members.
Announcements, Local · July 7, 2014
by AIGA Saint Louis
Meet Matt Steel, our member of the month.
Featured, Inspired, Local · March 5, 2014
by Mike Spakowski
Creative Director Mike Spakowski talks about design inspiration and finding the AIGA
Featured, Inspired, Local · July 22, 2013