2014 Slate of Board Nominees

AIGA Saint Louis nomination committee selected fifteen nominees for our 2014 executive board based on nominations from members. Consistent with our bylaws, we are now submitting the proposed slate for ratification.

The nominating committee is made up principally of members and board members in order to reflect members’ views. The 2014 nominating committee received an extraordinarily strong pool of qualified candidates who were willing to serve; these candidates met the criteria and fit best with the immediate priorities facing the organization.

2014 Slate of Board Nominees

Jenny Lin, Secretary
James Walker, Education Chair
Laura Merchant, Mentorship Co-Chair
Jessa Wilcoxen, Mentorship Co-Chair
Lilly Huxhold, Programming Chair
Allynson Ford, Sponsorship Chair
Dan Brindley, Design Show Chair
Adira Weixlmann, Design Show Co-Chair
Elizabeth Hills, Design Show Co-Chair
Ben Kiel, Student Conference Co-Chair
Marco Cheatham, Young Professional Co-Chair
William Frazier, Young Professional Co-Chair
Amanda Rice, Web & Interactive Co-Chair
Robert A. Lopez, Community Outreach Chair
Timothy J. Hykes, Membership Chair

Current members of the board continuing their service

Carlos Zamora, President
Antionette Carroll, Vice President
Brian Ebert, In-House Co-Chair
Robin Haugen, In-House Co-Chair
Katie Niehoff, Finance Chair
Mike Spakowski, STL Design Week Chair
Paige E. Pedersen, Student Conference Co-Chair
Kelcey Towell, Student Conference Co-Chair
Daniel Sequeira, Web & Interactive Co-Chair
Amanda Richardson, Public Relations Chair
Diann Cage, Designer Business Round Table Chair
Theresa Tonyan, Centennial Chair

Current members of the board who will complete their terms at the end of July 2014

Amanda Rice, Secretary*
Martin Brief, Design Show Co-Chair
Simon Lam, Design Co-Chair
Jessa Wilcoxen, Education Chair*
Amanda Yates, Young Professional Co-Chair
Adira Weixlmann, Young Professional Co-Chair*
Paige E. Pedersen, Student Conference Co-Chair*
Katie Niehoff, Sponsorship Chair*

* Indicates that the current board member position will end December 2014 or the position was changed

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By AIGA Saint Louis
Published July 7, 2014
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