AIGA St. Louis Elections

Nominations must be submitted no later than Wednesday, • July 17, • 2019

AIGA Saint Louis invites you to participate in open nominations for the Executive Board and 2019 Chapter Awards – Fellow Award, Corporate Design Leadership Award and the Above and Beyond Awards. Requirements and descriptions are below. Nominations must be submitted on Wednesday, July 29, 2019.

All submissions are presented to the nominating committee, which consists of the current chapter President, Vice President, an Advisory Board Member, a past Board Member, Membership Chair and Member at Large. The nominating committee will meet to determine a recommended slate for open board positions and awards to present to the membership at large.

Both peer nominations and self-nominations are accepted. Nominees will receive a follow-up request for more information.

Position Descriptions:

Each Board member is elected to serve and represent the entire membership of AIGA Saint Louis to the best of his/her ability, by the AIGA mission and the description of the board position. The Board of Directors meets monthly to report, determine, and vote on Chapter activities. The entire membership elects AIGA board members and serves staggered two-year terms.

General requirements for all board members:

  • The following is a list of general expectations and is a baseline—by no means all-inclusive of the responsibilities of members of the board.
  • Attendance at monthly board meetings.
  • Monthly board reports are to be submitted a minimum of 24 hours before the monthly board meeting.
  • Organize a committee to assist in carrying out the responsibilities of the position.
  • Determine a succession plan for your position.
  • Attend a minimum of seven chapter events annually, in addition to planning the retreat and annual meeting.

Open Positions:


The president is responsible for the big-picture direction of the chapter. Usually, the president is either a “visionary”-type of leader or a “doer”-type but is ideally a combination of the two. They must keep the board inspired and motivated, but know that occasionally they will have to step in and take over if another board member fails to do their job. They usually introduce speakers and welcome the audience at all events. They should be the primary ambassador to any AIGA student groups in your vicinity, other professional organizations, or creative gatherings. They’re also strongly encouraged to attend the annual Leadership Retreat.

Vice President

The vice-president supports the president in leading the chapter. The vice-president ideally has an opposing yet complementary personality from the president, which helps create a balance of viewpoints. The vice-president is usually less big-picture and more hands-on than the president. The vice-president succeeds the president at the end of their term.

Design Show Co-Chair (2) positions

The Design Show Chair is in charge of planning the annual Saint Louis Design Show.

In-House Co-Chair

As part of AIGA’s Initiative, the In-House Chair focuses on engaging, educating and recruiting in-house designers to become members of AIGA.

Web & Interactive Co-Chair

The Website & Interactive Co-Chair is responsible for the direction of the site. This chair will work closely with the national office in regards to the hosting of the local site. This chair also works in close cooperation with each board member as a liaison to gather information to be published on the web.

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By AIGA St. Louis
Published June 18, 2019
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