Being Productive with Lists

by Hannah Miller

Being a list maker my whole life, I have learned how productive they can make your life. Lists help you strategize, break down tasks, and work towards goals. It helps me to be able to see what my day consist of and break it down into digestible goals. When I am at work, I will even break my days down into task before lunch and tasks to do after lunch. This helps me know if I am getting my tasks done. It also helps me feel productive, which is the topic of this article is it not?


What does a great list look like?

  1. Have easy digestible goals
           a. Have sub-categories
           b. when a task seems too overwhelming
  2. Add some simple tasks to help you feel productive
  3. Have a snack
  4. And remember to not get too frustrated if you don’t get everything crossed off!


Things happen in life so you have be flexible if you’re going to be productive. If you get upset or frustrated every time a task doesn’t get done, you will get nothing done. Just move it do the next day’s list. Make sure you create easy digestible lists with realistic tasks for the day and you will be productive. Try making a list for a week and see if it helps you be more productive. I know it helps me feel more accomplished at the end of the day when I see things marked off my list and I hope it helps you too.

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By AIGA Saint Louis
Published September 29, 2016
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