How to Play Pokemon Go and Save your Battery Life

By Kyle Ian McGowan

Pokemon Go has been a huge hit with all generations. As you drive down the street, you see people engaging in an augmented reality. A world that feels so real it is hard to think one isn’t actually catching any pokemon. That is until you realized how much this game is draining your phone battery. Here are 5 simple ways to to continuing playing Pokemon Go longer.

  1. Turn off augmented reality.
    Of course this the selling point of the game, but by immersing in the Pokemon world instead of the augmented reality one you will save a considerable amount of battery life. To turnoff AR, you hit the switch in the upper right corner of the screen when you encounter a Pokémon. This will also make the Pokemon easier to catch since they can’t hop around when AR is turned off.

  2. Turn on Battery Saver.
    Battery Saver can be turned on by tapping the Poke Ball, then by tapping the settings icon. By checking Battery Saver, Pokemon Go will turn your phone on sleep mode when it is held upside down, but will vibrate when something is about to happen. This will keep you in the know as well as help save your battery life.

  3. Reduce Screen Brightness.
    By reducing your phone’s screen brightness you help reduce the amount of energy the phone is using. To reduce the screen brightness on an IPhone: Go to the the Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and sliding the brightness slider left. To reduce the screen brightness on an Android: Pull down the Quick Settings by swiping down from the top menu bar with two fingers and then adjusting the brightness slider from there.

  4. Turn off music, vibration & sound effects.
    These added sense experiences just eat up the battery life of your phone. If you don’t mind them missing, then tap on the Poké Ball, tap the settings icon and then uncheck Music, Sound Effects and Vibration.

  5. At last resort, buy a battery pack.
    If you can’t imagine parting from the augmented reality, bright screen or sound effects, you’re last resort is to buy a battery pack. It’s another thing to carry around as you are off catching pokemon. It might weigh you down from beating others to the catch, but it will also let you play longer and catch more pokemon than your friends. The choice is up to you.
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By AIGA Saint Louis
Published September 29, 2016
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