Edward Engel
Young Professional Chair

I sat down with some of my closet friends and asked them to educate me, about myself in one word! They came up with a few adjectives. Innovative. Serious. Fearless. Passionate. Curious. Loyal. Persistent. Pioneer. Occasional “Smart-ass”.

I have been so fortunate in my life. I wake up in the morning and create + solve problems(often in the middle of the night). I have never called what I do “work”​ or a “job”​. As I grew up, I observed so many people just weren’t happy with their job, which translated to their entire life. I have done my best to avoid that road, making my own path along the way.

As far as my past experiences go. It began with a fantastic education at OTIS Art Institute(Combined with Parsons School of Design). This education opened the doors to working with/for some of the largest companies in the world and learned every step of the way. It began at Walt Disney Imagineering, Lexington Scenery and Mattel Toys in Los Angeles. Locally working at Kupper Parker Advertising, Atkinson Marketing, Elwell Associates and finally starting my own company. Being very fortunate to have created some lasting advertising, promotion, design & even working on many major theme parks. Learning from these creations, and saving those ideas(for a later date) that haven’t quite found their home.

What would satisfy my creative soul? I would like to create side-by-side with some of the most amazing & passionate people I can find. To solve problems, both big and small. To parlay and share my experiences. Together, powered by perseverance and passion, create things that impact our world. Change the way people think.