James Butler
Membership Director

Starting his career as a builder and fabricator for custom architectural pieces for retail and office spaces, James gained a unique perspective for how to design a better product. He has done a range of work from package and print design, branding, signage design, all the way to custom fabrication and woodworking. James is passionate about telling stories through design, and helping to create built environments.

James works at a firm called Arcturis, a multi-disciplinary, collaborative design firm, where he work on a wide variety of projects. James enjoys working with clients and helping the people and their businesses bloom into something beautiful. He is passionate about seeing ideas come to life into something that has form an dimension.

Complementing my passions for design, other things that motivates James are traveling, trying new foods and restaurants, all things St. Louis, campfires, camping, dabbling in film photography, renovating a vintage RV, and of course, coffee.