Kaelen Felix
Social Media Chair

Kaelen Felix is an illustrator and graphic designer with a wide range of experience, from print/production art and social media/digital marketing to freelance illustrations and designs. Ms. Felix is a graduate of Memphis College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Illustration (2018) and is a Saint Louis, MO native.

Her latest achievement is the new Social Media Chair for AIGA (The Professional Association of Design). Ms. Felix is well-known for the whimsical illustrations published in children’s literature. Additionally, she assisted in self-publishing ‘A Colorful Balloon Ride,’ ‘Freddy the Foster Frog: Finds a Friendly Family,’ plus served as an editorial illustrator for her latest collaboration, ‘King Leo and The Feast.’  Ms. Felix is a highly sought-after artist for 360 Magazine a youthful, pop-culture that focuses on design projects.

In December 2020, Kaelen was awarded Best Book Illustrator and Best Audience Award for illustrating ‘Freddy the Foster Frog’ and was nominated as the TOP 3 pick for Judge’s Choice. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the award ceremony was held virtually in England. 

At 26 Kaelen has achieved her childhood dream to illustrate and publish children’s books. But Ms. Felix is not done yet as her focus now includes digital marketing and social media.