Mark Bult
Membership Director

Mark Bult is a designer specializing in brand identity and web design, living and working in South City’s Benton Park neighborhood. His freelance studio works with companies and nonprofits, big and small. He was Fitbit’s first designer in 2008 and has helped numerous other startups and tech companies on their first steps toward superstardom.

Mark was part of the AIGA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter for 10+ years before moving to St. Louis in 2017. He came to the AIGA STL board with a background in nonprofit operations, having served on the boards of two regional environmental NGOs, as well as co-founding the Northern California Chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild in the 1990s.

In his spare time Mark collects the works of Missouri native and science fiction grandmaster Robert A. Heinlein, geocaches with his 10-year-old son, and plays the piano poorly.