AIGA St. Louis Past Presidents

AIGA Saint Louis’s past chapter presidents have played a crucial role in maintaining an active chapter in Saint Louis since our start in 1989. AIGA Saint Louis’s past presidents have consisted of professionals from design, non-profit, education and other related creative fields that have contributed to the chapter’s success. 
The chapter president plays many pivotal roles and maintains fundamental responsibilities such as determining AIGA Saint Louis’s strategic direction, organizing the means to support annual events and programs, and approving the annual budget. In addition, they keep communication open with the national AIGA board and maintain organization and planning with other area and regional AIGA chapters. 
AIGA presidents are elected by the board and serve a two year term. To learn more about each past president, click on his or her name or visit their biography page.
Douglas Wolfe (1989–1991)
Edward Madden, Gretchen Schisla (1991–1994)
Scott Gericke (1994–1997)
Karen Handelman (1997–1999)
Steve Hartman (1999–2001)
Ria Sharon (2001–2003)
Cherie Fister (2003–2005)
Caren Schlossberg-Wood (2005–2007)
Traci Moore (2007–2010)
Enrique Von Rohr (2010–2013)
Carlos Zamora (2013–2015)
Antionette Carroll (2015 – 2017)
Timothy Hykes (2017 – 2019)