Doug Wolfe

Doug Wolfe spent the early years of his design career in New York working on corporate communications and branding projects. In 1981, he and his wife, Marta Hawthorne, moved to St. Louis where they founded Hawthorne/Wolfe Design Consultants, which became ProWolfe Partners in 1997 when Bob Prow was named a principal.

Throughout his career, Doug attracted loyal clients throughout the U.S. with challenging assignments. ProWolfe’s team of talented designers and  alliance partners created award-winning marketing and investor communications throughout the company’s thirty-year history.

In the mid-1980s, AIGA was expanding beyond New York. This created an opportunity for Doug to bring members of the St. Louis design community together to gauge interest in forming a St. Louis AIGA chapter. From these initial efforts, Not Just an Art Directors Club was born, followed in 1989 by the formation of AIGA/St. Louis. In that year AIGA grew to 29 chapters with 1,700 members nationwide. By the time of the organization’s Centennial Celebration in 2014, AIGA had 69 chapters and 22,000 members.

Doug served as the Treasurer of AIGA’s national board of directors from 1994-1998, a time of growth and change which included the purchase of a headquarters building in New York and recruitment of Ric Grefe, the organization’s Executive Director from 1996 – 2015. In 2002, AIGA recognized Doug’s contributions in raising the standards of excellence within the design community by naming him an AIGA Fellow. As part of AIGA’s Centennial Celebration, Doug was one of 100 designers invited to create social, political, and cultural statements for each year of the organization’s history, 1914–2014.

Since retiring in 2013, Doug and Marta devote time to volunteering, traveling and bicycle touring — their favorite way to experience new places.



AIGA Limited Edition Centennial Collection