HERITAGE: Adewalè Agboola

Most of every photo I've seen of indigenous African tribes people were taken by white man.

I want to tell the stories of these communities from an African perspective, the stories of the lives they lead. I wanted to celebrate them in glorious technicolor. Between 2017 till present, I’ve lived with The El Molo tribe, The Samburu tribe, The Rendille Tribe, The Lake Turkana Tribe, The Mursi Tribe, The Hamer Tribe, The Karo Tribe, The Nyangatom Tribe, and The Dassanech Tribe.

We live in such a magnificent world, with such rich cultures, that sometimes we forget that there is a bigger world out there, we're all so frightened by time, the way it moves on and the way things disappear. That's why we're Storytellers. We take pictures to stop time, to commit moments to eternity.


The work of Adewalè Agboola captures gripping, powerful stories of communities, individuals and brands with grace. Goodhomies Studio extends his deep technical understanding of the visual arts and his African heritage to bring critical stories to life.

His work is simply emotionally driven, his skills of capturing emotion in a single image comes from his diverse background. He grew up to be well-versed in understanding human emotion, art & storytelling. His vulnerability to culture-shock came full circle when he traveled to different countries. He got flooded with emotions, a heavy reminder of how lucky he is to have his passion as his profession.

He is fascinated by people, he has a genuine love for everyone he meets. His ability to communicate and encapsulate moments from extreme to intimate comes with a deep, natural understanding of emotions. And what it comes down to is letting his photographs speak for themselves because of the beauty and truths they bare for any eye to witness.

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