Meet Delores (Dee) Eddington

Meet Delores (Dee) Eddington

Digital Illustrator & Graphic Designer at The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis


I’m a queer, black, creative based in Saint Louis. Born and raised here, a lot of my illustration work revolves around the freedom and love that encompasses BIPOC people, both queer and non-queer. My style of illustration seeks inspiration from cartoons that range from Pepperanne to Static Shock and DOUG.

How did you get started in design?

I became interested in design after spending my high school senior year in the STL Artworks program. I found myself doing their summer program before I started college and met one of their Artists’ who was a graduate of UMSL. He persuaded me… and I’ve never looked back.

What career accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’ve always loved three things; Illustrating, designing, and marketing. Currently, I’ve been able to apply all three in my current position. Which, for me, is a huge accomplishment. To be able to combine all three techniques into one field is great. And knowing that patrons get to see my designs every day has a certain feel to it.

Where do you find your inspiration?

When it comes to design my inspiration derives from the shows that we are doing and the communities we want to attract for an event. When it comes to my illustrative work I seek inspiration from many avenues. This can be K-Dramas, cartoons, scenes or brief moments of my life that I’ve found molding my perspective.

How do you deal with creative burnout?

I stop. For me, creative burnout happens when I’m being asked to constantly pull from avenues that I know won’t solve the design or illustrative problem. So I stop, and I might take my tablet and jot dot what is keeping me stagnant, versus what I find inspiring. And sometimes I don’t write anything down, and it just gives me a moment to think and consider how I’m making myself work.

What piece of advice would you offer to fellow creatives?

Always give a voice to your work, and remember that you are always a student. Don’t stifle yourself from learning more.

What is one book that all creatives should read?

Drawing is Magic by John Hendrix

What is your favorite place in St. Louis?

Half Price Books

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By AIGA Saint Louis
Published June 4, 2023