Thank You St. Louis Student Conference Participants

The annual AIGA St. Louis Student Conference has left us buzzing with inspiration and gratitude. What a weekend it was! To everyone who joined us, contributed, and participated, we extend our sincerest thanks. Your presence, energy, and commitment made this event a resounding success.

✅ STUDENTS & MENTORS // Crafting Connections & Creativity
To all the students and mentors who graced us with their presence, thank you for bringing your enthusiasm and creativity to the table. From the vibrant mixer to the insightful keynote sessions and hands-on workshops, you embraced the spirit of collaboration and exploration. Your interactions sparked new ideas, forged meaningful connections, and laid the groundwork for future endeavors. We’re thrilled to have witnessed the magic unfold as you brought your A-game to the portfolio reviews, showcasing your talents and dedication.

✅ SPONSORS // Pillars of Support 
A heartfelt shoutout to our sponsors and donors whose generosity made this event possible. Your support is the bedrock upon which the AIGA St. Louis Student Conference stands. Special thanks to TechArtista for providing us with a spectacular venue that set the stage for unforgettable experiences. To Tiny Little Monster, Central Print Studios, Blick Saint Louis, and The Done Dept, your contributions played a pivotal role in shaping the success of our conference. We raise our glasses to you!

✅ STUDENT DESIGNERS // Captains of Creativity
Grace and Joy, our dynamic duo of student designers, deserve a standing ovation for their outstanding work. Collaborating remotely from St. Louis and Mid-Missouri, they crafted a captivating branding system around the theme of “Wander & Cultivate.” Their vision and execution embodied the essence of good design—playful yet precise, innovative yet purposeful. Bravo to Grace and Joy for bringing our conference to life with their remarkable creativity!

✅ SPEAKERS // Beacons of Inspiration
A round of applause for our esteemed speakers who lit up the stage with their wisdom and charisma. Keisha Mabry Haymore, Caitlin Metz, Emma Vonder Haar, and Lillian Stephen, your insights and expertise left an indelible mark on all who attended. From super powerful connections to tactile type creations, you sparked our imaginations and challenged us to think differently. We are immensely grateful for your contributions to our conference’s success.

✅ PORTFOLIO REVIEWERS // Mentors Extraordinaire
Last but not least, a big thank you to our dedicated portfolio reviewers. Your guidance and feedback have been invaluable to students as they navigate the transition from academia to the professional world. By sharing your expertise and passion, you have helped shape the next generation of design talent. We salute you for your commitment to fostering growth and excellence within our community.

In closing, we extend our warmest appreciation to everyone who played a part in making the AIGA St. Louis Student Conference 2024 a resounding success. Your enthusiasm, dedication, and spirit of collaboration embody the essence of our organization. As we reflect on the memories created and lessons learned, we look forward to continuing this journey together. Until next time, keep wandering, keep cultivating, and keep inspiring!

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By AIGA Saint Louis
Published March 14, 2024