Introducing Your 2024 Chapter Board Members

At AIGA St. Louis, our board members are the driving force behind our mission to advance design as a professional craft, strategic advantage, and vital cultural force. Each member brings a unique blend of skills, experiences, and passions to the table, enriching our community and guiding us toward our goals. Let’s get to know the talented individuals who make up our board.

Matthew Maddox // President
With a background in illustration and a keen eye for visual storytelling, Matt bridges the gap between concept and strategy, ensuring that every idea has purpose and impact.

Tiana Berry-Jones // Vice President
Tiana’s journey into design began with hand-drawn logos in her teens, leading her to discover her love for the craft during college. Her passion for design shines through in every project she takes on.

Vanessa Tutka // Chapter Manager
Vanessa’s vibrant journey through the world of design has equipped her with a wealth of experiences, from championing accessibility to crafting distinctive themes for Bayer’s brands. Her philosophy of design with empathy drives her work both on and off duty.

Lani Henning // Communications Director
As our Communication Director, Lani is dedicated to fostering community engagement and highlighting educational and professional opportunities for design students and professionals. Her diverse background in digital marketing, web design, and photography brings a unique perspective to the table.

Reshma Vijayan // DE&I Director
Reshma’s journey in design began with a passion for creativity and visual communication, leading her to explore formal design education and continuous learning to hone her skills.

Ludrick Fortune // Creative Director
Driven by a passion for storytelling through design and animation, Ludrick creates immersive experiences that aim to inspire and bring joy to others.

Adanma Ojukwu // Web & Interactive Chair
From sketching on scrap paper to designing websites, Adanma’s journey into UX design has been shaped by her curiosity and hands-on experience with users and web best practices.

Tyler Leiweke // Design Show Chair
Tyler’s boundless optimism and passion for creating memorable work drive him to explore new ways to make a positive impact through design.

Rodrick Whetstone // Education Chair
As an Assistant Professor of Graphic Design, Rodrick brings his extensive experience and education in graphic design to our board, enriching our community with his knowledge and expertise.

Bryana Peifer // Sponsorship Chair
Bryana’s transition from the Air Force to design has equipped her with a unique blend of attention to detail and critical thinking. As our Sponsorship Director, she aims to create strong relationships and support the design community.

Kristen Lyle // Student Conference Chair
Kristen’s background in psychology and community organizing informs her approach to design as a communication tool. Her dedication to serving local artists, small business owners, and nonprofits reflects her commitment to creating meaningful connections through design.

Trevor McGonnell // Treasurer
Trevor’s analytical approach to creativity, shaped by his background in banking and his study of art and design, informs his work as a graphic designer and illustrator.

These are just a few of the faces behind AIGA St. Louis, each contributing their talents and expertise to our vibrant design community. Stay tuned to learn more about the incredible individuals who make up our board and the impact they’re making in the world of design.

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By AIGA Saint Louis
Published April 12, 2024